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Rebinding Flee Market Controls

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I am new to the game and am trying to change my buttons from 1,5,9,0 to z,space,xmouse1,xmouse2 but when i run the rebind command i cant use these keys.

the scrip works fine as i can type these keys into my browser and it does something like this



as you can see my rebinds are clearly operative but the issue is that when i tab back into the game and want to use them on the flee market so i dont have to annoyingly jump back over to my number pad when  all i want to do is throw a general within the range price at the keyboard.....i really like the idea of not having to lift my hand off the keyboard to type in the prices as this takes SOOOOOOOOO long after a raid...I heard this game has some kind of negative view towards macros so maybe is that the issue??? is there some kind of macro disabling thing going on because im not doing anything nefarious, its just annoying because most people using macros arent titty heads. almost all the people using them are just doing it to rebind keys without having to use razer software or change stupid windows keys because they are so inconvenient.

please help i plan to play this game for a long time and found the UI a mess to hopscotch through


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