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Need a Battle-Buddy? We've got you covered!


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Group of small Streamers & Gamers with an established and growing discord community.

Although some of our members are sometimes indulging in other games,
the majority of the server consistently plays Tarkov full time.

10+ Members have committed 3000+ Hours into Tarkov, with 40+ Active Members to date. ( And Growing)
All sharing & gaining a vast knowledge of Tarkov gameplay and strategy. 

We are not looking for you, you have been looking for us. 
We enjoy Tarkov, creating fun and exciting game-play as well teaching new players the ways of Tarkov.

This is not a "Carry" group, although there are opportunities to be assisted in advancing in Tarkov,
You the player must participate in a teamwork environment. If this is something you are looking to be a part of,
Please use the Invite Link below. The server is open to all who want to participate ( English / NA ) and we will
welcome you with open arms. All we ask is respect & team-work as we attempt to Escape From Tarkov.


Tarkov Grind - Discord Invite Unlimited Uses : https://discord.gg/QPtUPXH

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