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Remove the BTC farm


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thermals should be just more expensive its way to cheap i could rock them all day long if i would like this but i hate thermals anyways.

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On 2/19/2021 at 1:45 PM, ACuddlyBadger said:

Its finally gotten down to making me go broke crafting profitable things in the hideout because I don't have one. I'm coming across thermals every other raid when I'm using a tapco SKS with budget ammo wearing a PACA and 6B47. I'm coming across thermals camping rock passage. I went across a duo on woods using thermals on a meta M1A and Mk18. I killed a guy using a mid tier SR25 FLIR by the village on Shoreline when he was doing surgery in a bush.

I look at people who do PVP and die losing expensive gear losing expensive gear repeatedly and I wonder where the hell do they get all the money from, they don't really do hatchet runs. They got a bitcoin farm they stocked with gamma pistol/hatchet runs making them 2m roubles daily! 

I thought the game was supposed to be hard, but instead its easy street for the experienced players who know to farm graphics cards for a bitcoin farm, who then have the money to dump on expendable gear that low level players can't even sell for a decent amount if they get a lucky kill. I don't think this is good game design.


The problem is even without the bitcoin farm, the balance would be exactly the same. The really good players would still get there thermal goggles and insane gear and poo on the lower geared newer players who ain't really good at pvp or interested in being gods at the game, as in they just want to have fun and not be sweaty.

Bitcoin farm in my opinion is to help those newer/lesser skilled/casual players who want to have a little fun by being able to buy some meta gear.

Point is it wouldn't make a difference if you removed the bitcoin farm with the exception the lower skilled players wouldn't get there little bit of fun a day if they felt like spending the bitcoin on a meta setup.

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the bitcoinfarm is a great help for people who have not the most time playing the game in gennerell. Without it I would have quit already. I would simply do borring ass budged runs the whole day.

Or go hatchling and steal geard players their GPUs

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I don't think the BTC farm is an issue. Being "rich" in EFT does not make you a better player. If you were too scared to bring out meta gear before you were rich, you'll still be too scared to bring it in once you have tens of millions of rubles. 

A large portion (including me to some extent xD) is already extremely rich and could run meta loadouts every raid if we wanted, but we simply choose not to. 

There are a ton of level 35+ players who run level 4 armor with basic modded weapons while having tens of millions of rubles to spare. It's a phenomenon I have only witnessed in EFT.

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1 hour ago, BruxiePC said:

There are a ton of level 35+ players who run level 4 armor with basic modded weapons while having tens of millions of rubles to spare. It's a phenomenon I have only witnessed in EFT.

Im one of them. Thats how some end up with millions, just staying frugal (especially if youre making all your own powders/ammo). It gets to a point where youre going to get 2-tapped by an m61 anyway, may as well save some cash and just run lvl4 🤣

Not to mention how much money you can save by getting the attachments that are just below "best-in-slot". You can save tens-of-thousands because you choose the pistol grip with 2 less ergo or the foregrip with 1% less recoil reduction.

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On 2/22/2021 at 11:35 PM, Biala_Mewa said:

Does the graphics cards always spawn there? Does a hatchling player always has the best spawn to go there? 

This is irrelevant because you can make 10 gpu runs in time of 1 regular game. Don't get me wrong - its still quite hard to get 50 gpus but the fact that you get 800k per bitcoin makes it that averagely dedicated player who have average bitcoin farm (level 2 some 15-20 cards) like me don't have to farm money or do any scav runs because each night I can afford few games with top tier gear without ANY work from me. 


So if you put just slight effort at the start of the wipe and have average bitcoin farm early you don't have to do anything else anymore to afford top tier gear for your average joe evening sessions. This result in environment where every pleb runs altyn and vector but if you fail to notice that then we have a problem. Issue is not about GOOD players having good stuff, issue is that average player like myself afford top tier gear for few games (the only games I play after work)  without even lifting a finger (assuming I loose it but more often having top gear makes me even more money in turn as it increases my fighting chances). Bitcoin farm is a snowball mechanism that enables average joes to act like top dogs (even if only for few games a day) and removes the need to do scav runs completely - this in turn makes people speed up their pmc levels - making it snowball into faster quests - snowballing into higher levels... I bet you can see where I'm going with this. 


If you want to keep bitcoins in game the way they are you'd have to scale vendor prices of items with raising bitcoin values also. This would ofc make bitcoin farm mandatory for everyone (which it kinda is atm anyway) but atleast wouldn't break economy like it does atm.

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