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1/3 of hits not registering on servers with 60~ ping using ethernet 12MB/S

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Just headshot a guy with m855a1 in the face, from 5 meters, didnt see sparks, so bullet didnt ricochet, and he killed me....

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yep other day i shot a nekid man 35 times with my big dik gangster grip ak with bp died from his teammates said i had 0 hits lol this happens so much f

there was bloodstains on the ground like a shitload of them so it registered on my side but not on his nor the servers soooooooooo


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Yep. Welcome to Escape From Desync. But according to that dipshit Pestily, 90% to 95% of deaths are your own fault. 


He has amazing content, but he is the biggest primadonna in the scene. Literally bitched and moaned so much about the Mosin that it's next to worthless now. 


According to him, there's next to no desync and we should learn to live with what we have.


Yeah, duck you buddy :)


Edit: ducking misspelled Pestily

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Not sure if desync or not, but what I often notice playing with my colleagues is, that something is off with the hit boxes.

Best example would be, if a teammates shoots someone accidentally. He hits the head. Everyone can see blood on the head. But the person shot says he lost life on his torso and vice versa.

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