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Remove Flea Market - Less cheaters

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The Flea Market just incentive to cheat in this game, they want to make money and more money and make it easy...

If this thing would removed im sure a lot of cheaters would disapear.

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Removing the flea market will just make them rage. Then they will lower the price of the cheats. Then you think cheaters are bad now? Wait till you go into a night raid kill someone that has thermals. Then start getting shot at from no heat signatures any place you can see. Then you can scream hacks. That just happened to me in a night raid on shore line all you can do is report the people but they will be here for months. Some of the same people are still here from when I played the last time around and I am sure they are using some type of cheat. They change their name. Its hard to follow someone that is always changing their in game name. To see if they actually get banned. 

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