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Played an entire evening of factory, not once head, eyes

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So I decided to chad up on factory yesterday to grind physical skills with an altyn for many hours

I got shot in the face once by a pistol man and it was a legit shot without a doubt

I had poor positionning a few times and got shot in the back by other players but not once in the back of the head

This led me to believe that a lot of the head,eyes I suffered from since the wipe where absolutely bonkers

Some were legit for sure. Even I can headshot sometimes but more often than not, it's luck and undeserved.

But I know for certain that a lot of these head,eyes deaths were from aimbotters

My conclusion: wherever there's loot, going in without an altyn or better is just a gamble and is not worth the risk

If you want some fun and legit PvP, factory is the way

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just tried a few runs on shoreline, 4 deaths in a row from the best ammo on the first shot, head eyes of course xD

Altyn boyz sitting in corners knowing your exact location at all times

This is sickening

Had a couple decent fights OUTSIDE the resort thankfully

But in there, it's just madness, completely out of control

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