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Grinded strenght for 4 hours, gained 1 level up

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And this was the best time of my life which is now complete

Top notch progression system, I really feel the time invested has been highly rewarded and can't wait to grind another level

Wtf kind of crap progression system is that bro

When will we finally get the skill tree we deserve?

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I think they mean for the progression to target the long haul but I feel your pain. There are legit ways to train it decently, none of them exactly fun as the more you diverse away and say passive train the slower the going but I would be happy to share how I got mine without trying hard to around 25 at around level 40'ish right now (elite probably or close to it if I had focused on maximizing just doing that).

As it stands I have a fully upgraded hideout, 50 cards, decent cash, 45 or so Endurance, 35 or so Health, and so on. Pm if you want and I will pop on Discord with you if you want to do some runs together.


Edit: lol, just an average player also. I pointed out the stats so you can see that you can achieve decent gains as long as you know the system.

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