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Should your secure container be limited to only inserting single square items during raid?

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The plague of hatchet runners has come to a boiling point this wipe, in combination with the skyrocketing bitcoin prices and the limited availability of fuel.

At first consideration, it doesn't seem like there could be any way to prevent this without significant changes that would likely upset many people.

I think that a reasonable, minimal solution could be preventing players from inserting items >1 square into the secure container during a raid.

This wouldn't stop the risk-free hatchet running, but it would slow down the rate at which they can get in and out of raids with the high-value items such as graphics cards and tetrises.

Players who find hatchet runners butt naked would be rewarded for killing them, as opposed to helping them get out of raid and into the next one.

While in your hideout, you could use lube and butt plugs to stretch it out enough to insert your SICC cases and salewas.

You would be able to remove items from the ass, so if you needed to take a salewa out and put other items in you could do that.

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It's really only bad on interchange since the loot is absolutely broken there right now... I hardly see them on any other map with such frequency

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Your fix is fecal matter because you, like everyone else, incl. the dev., is trying to fix the result, not the cause.

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