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Grenade suggestion

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Add microfragmentation that is AOE hitscan on top of the raw blast, and the fragmentation. If you have no eye protection this will severely blind you should your eye hitbox be within line of sight of the grenade (think blurry faceshield by patchy and way worse) This negative effect can be reduced by 50% with saline in the eyes. This will make faceshiels very much viable if they happened to get nerfed when it comes to stopping bullets. 

Contusions should bring permanent in raid hearing damage that comtacs/ear covering helmets cannot stop entirely. It should be entirely possible to almost totally deafen people in 3 story dorms by throwing half a dozen grenades into random windows in quick succession. This would provide a very good but not instantly lethal or broken counterplay to rats/campers, and it would do it in a way that doesn't defy realism. Nothing wearable would be able to prevent severe hearing loss from half a dozen grenades reverberating in your building. No skills should be able to either. 

Earpro and faceshields should reduce blast pressure so grenades are more survivable with armor. Not fully survivable, but you got a few seconds to stop the bleeding before you die, and you are totally deaf, and maybe your retinas are partially detached from your eyes. You at least get some closure on a nade that exploded near you while you were wearing a zabralo and altyn. If its possible to survive a load of 00 buck to the gut I think it should be possible to survive weaker grenades with good protection. 

AOE blast damage reduction on certain grenades, plus a grenade stat that defines the blast pressure and volume. 100 being instantly fatal. Currently the radius stat (3m - 7m) means the grenade does maximum blast damage out to 3m, and dissipates to 0 at 7m.  I think a fully armored PMC should be able to survive a vog 25 within his reach if he extended an MP153 with one arm. The same goes for the AGS 30 and the GL40 (I think grenade launchers should be much cheaper and much more commonly seen, they aren't nuke launchers)

If I'm full of it and you have firsthand experience with the power of different grenades such as 40mm vs. M67, please correct me.


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5 hours ago, ACuddlyBadger said:



I actually wish they'd implement proper fragmentation with grenades as currently they're significantly less lethal in many circumstances than they are in real life.  For example an M67 (Along with most military spec grenades) can wound out as far as 250m (If detonated on concrete).  The amount of fragmentation varies significantly based on the surface the grenade detonates on - something like sand muffling the explosive force considerably.  I would love it if Tarkov would model this properly as opposed to the current twin dome (Death/Wound) within the radius we currently see.

A fragmentation grenade detonated in the middle of say big red's parking lot should be something which has everyone ducking for cover in the area as LoS to the bang can easily mean you die to a shrapnel wound even beyond the grenade's mandated 5m kill range and 15m casualty range.  Fragments should also ricochet within enclosed spaces making grenades thrown indoors say in dorms or factory signifcantly more lethal than they are say out in the woods on shoreline.  If they could accurately model this there would be significant benefit in trying to throw a grenade in such a way as to achieve an airburst to hit people behind cover also.

Obviously I think the reasoning for this not being modelled in Tarkov is more to do with networking than anything else (It's going to stress servers when multiple grenades can be thrown which generate a hundred or more fragments a pop at once) but I feel there is more that could be done to accurately model them in such a way as to not cause server issues while keeping them more true to life as it were.

I do agree that having LoS to a grenade explosion in relatively close proximity should affect vision in game though, some form of ballistic eye protection not-withstanding.

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12 hours ago, chrisragnar said:

Wearing face shield sucks, so I rather not make them more necessary..

I'm of the opinion that this could be used to keep them viable should they become utterly worthless at stopping rifle rounds altyn, maska, wendy exfil.  

All it would take to protect vision is a simple pair of AF glasses or safety glasses if shields aren't your cup. I just can't help but roll my eyes when I see someone push down a hallway they threw a grenade in.


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I’m not sure making grenades more  powerful then they are currently is a good idea.
Grenade spam is already a annoying issue that needs addressed. If they were buffed further like you suggest it would only get worse. 

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The only thing i'm eager to see with grenades is a way to cook em, and maybe some kind of blast effect that could quickly slap players on walls. It could go fine with a slight reduction of stunning effect, wich is actually quite important imo.

However, this idea of losing an eye randomly at 30 meters when you look at a grenade blast feels to me like a very bad idea, wich can only lead to mass uninstallation of EFT. Mostly because in terms of gameplay, it only add random frustration for unlucky players that will experience that kind of injuries. It's like ripping of legs and arms. For sure, it would be realistic, and i love this game because it is realistic, but crawling to an exit for half an hour will be one of the most frustrating game experience you will ever see, plus the game will became some sort of gore and violence symbol, like SOF was. And i wish this will never happen.

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