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So a few days ago i bought a Version Upgrade for 100 bucks and now they announce the sale, so my question is if there is any way to refund it?

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15 hours ago, James0213 said:

I purchased the game yesterday, but  there is a special offer today!  How do I  refund @@ ?

I don't think you can get a refund.

Sorry for you.

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4 hours ago, dimbag999 said:

hello, i bought the game yesterday but i don't have any code to download the game. The launcher ask for one

You should receive the code in the e-mail which was used to create the account.

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3 hours ago, Roger_Douglas said:

Lol if their was a refund option they would loose 99% of their sales 

Speak for yourself bud, I'm sure it's more like a 20% of the people that jumped the gun on buying this game.

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