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Hyper-v error and ToS

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Dear all, 

I have a question because for the first time I had a message that I was running hyper-V.

A small story that you can skip:
I work in the IT sector from home because of covid, so I usually have my personal and working laptop (15'') plus the desktop from which I play with a 27" screen.
Sometimes I do connect from the desktop to one of the laptop with AnyDesk for work and viceversa. In the past I also used anydesk to do stuff in the hideout and for the insurance because I was lazy to switch from one desk to the next one (they are in the adjacent room xD) and I had no problem from my laptop to do so. It also happen that I work on my desktop using remote controll tool because of the screen dimension. 

Today I was on my Desktop and after few seconds in my scav run I received an error about hyper-V and remote desk (which is what AnyDesk is based on) and got kicked out of the run and it was deleted; I tried to join back after closing down the anydesk but I received a "game was aborted or completed" message and went to the main menu. 

I'm ok with this being a problem, but before loosing gear or being banned I would like to know if this is a stance for all the program which use Hyper-V so that I know to avoid also docker and other programs which I use for work during my game time. 

I would also be clear that I'm ok with any limitation I just want to know what I have to close during the game so that I can play without worry. 

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@andreatris Uninstall the game, make a new account, reinstall the game for that account, make a script to shutdown any virtual application on that account.

I guess it will solve your problem.

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Im getting kicked from games due to hyper V running when its just docker in the background. Very annoying. 

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I have found that I did not have to disable hyper-v but I do have to kill every user process that will interact with it. So for example I was working with AnyDesk and I'll start a game in my lunch break. I killed all the process I could think of, and it should work. Btw if it does not work I'll write here again. 

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