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Why isn't there a penalty for killing your teammate?

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Having just experienced this firsthand, apparently the looking for group function is just an invitation to have your teammate kill you on spawn. It seems like this is common practice, so why even have this function in the game if it's going to be abused so badly?

On a side note, dunno why someone would think a level 1 PMC would have anything useful worth killing over.

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You are worth some XP and a dogtag. 

You are also worth the LOLs

Not sure if they would have known your level pre-kill... I don't do PUGs. 

How would you avoid hitting them with penalties for accidental kills? 

I think I hear tell of a Karma system planned...

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If Rust taught me anything.


Don't trust someone in an online survival game unless you have played with them previously in other games.

EFT is no different.

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