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Addition to Auctions

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I have read somewhere that Nikita said that flea market is running so well that he is thinks of not implementing the auctions tab in game (not sure if he really said this or not) but my ideia is as follows.

When we insure some items we have a limited amount of time to get them back to our stash, after that the item is gone. But what if instead of Prapor (or therapist) just throwing the unclaimed items, what if they place that same items on the auctions section so that anyone can buy modded weapons and such?

My ideia goes a little further actually and it would be something like:

Every item that is not claimed on insurance or not insured would go straight to auction

Just imagine the potencial that we as players would have just buying a full kit with 2/3 clicks, I personally thing that this is a great addition to the auction tab, what do you think about this?

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