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Upgraded to Stutter

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System Specs

  • ASRock Taichi Z390
  • Intel i7-8700K (upgraded to i9-9900K)
  • 4x 8GB DDR4 3200
  • NVIDIA RTX 3080
  • EVGA 750W PSU
  • 500GB Sata SSD
  • 3TB Seagate Hard Drive

A few days ago I upgraded from the i7-8700K to an i9-9900K. Overwatch, PUBG, and every other game all run butter smooth. However, Tarkov is now constant stutter. Even the main menu screen stutters when I move the mouse. Motherboard is running on the most recent UEFI BIOS. All drivers are updated and installed. I've tried enabling VSYNC in game while disabling it within the NVIDIA control panel. No luck. RAM is running on it's XMP profile and I'm not seeing any bottlenecking on the CPU. Running Tarkov doesn't appear to be straining the system. CPU is at about 20-30%. Using about 10-11GB of RAM at 3200. GPU is between 60-80%. No overheating within any component.  Game graphics settings will be listed below. After two full days of playing with every setting I can imagine I installed the i7-8700K, and Tarkov is back to running without stutter. I really don't want to return the i9-9900K. Does anyone out there have an idea of what I might be missing? Thanks!

  • VSync: Off.  RAM Cleaner: Off.  Physical Cores: Off. (I've tried all of these options On during my tests).
  • Graphics Quality: Custom
  • Texture Quality: Medium
  • Shadows Quality: Low
  • Object LDD: 2
  • Overall Visability: 400
  • Antialiasing: TAA
  • Resampling: 1x off
  • HBAO: off
  • SSR: off
  • Antiostropic Filtering: off.
  • Sharpness: 1.0
  • Loppy FPS Limit: 60
  • Game FPS Limit: 120
  • HQC: Off. Z-Blur: Off.  Chrom: Off.  Noise:  Off.  Grass Shadows: Off. 
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I mean your specs and settings are giving me zero indication that it could be the cause of your problem, however you did mention that you've upgraded your CPU. I personally go with a clean slate when it comes to upgrading, I format my computer with the freshest Windows 10 iso I can find.

I know it sounds like a drastic measure, but it's very easy if you backup your important data (like appdata and personal files) and start over fresh. Other than that you can try looking up debugging instructions through example Windows Performance Recorder & Analyzer.

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yeah, switching CPU generations and running into issues is a good indicator to reinstall the OS after upgrade.

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