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Really weird and quite annoying issue with Tarkov


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Issue: Yo guys so ive got a really weird issue with Tarkov for some time now. I even stopped playing for couple of months because of it. Yesterday i came back to Tarkov hoping that problem might have been fixed. I was wrong.

So this started occuring about last year's new year (coincidently that's the time i bought EOD version and i doubt that has something to do with it) every single raid i go into id be in raid for first 10 minutes of the raid and then id get "server lost connection" and id get disconnected. I reconnect to the server (If i dont die in meantime) and i can play for 10 minutes again and same thing. "server lost connection" And it keeps going on and on... I have a really good pc (running all on high settings) and a really good internet speed (100mb/s download 50mb/s upload) and it still keeps happening. This issue only occures with Tarkov. Ive tried reinstalling game as well and nothing...

Region & Servers selected: Auto Servers & Germany

System Specs:

i7 7700k

NVidia 1070 8GB

16GB RAM 2400HZ

SSD SanDisk(Not sure of full name)

Cable 100mb/s down 50mb/s up

Win 10 Latest version

Latest NVidia drivers

Screenshot of problem


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I had a similar issue and the problem was my isp, just because you have 100 up and 50 down doesn’t mean the stability of the connection is great in my case I had regular ping spikes every 12 mins and my isp had to replace some wires and router in my house. I suggest pinging google servers whilst playing the game and checking  the ping at the time of disconnect. Hope this helps :)

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If you live in Germany, call your internet provider and see if you have dual stack (ipv4 and ipv6 running in the same time) active.

I had your problems aswell, and called my internet provider have received the dual stack connection and  i had 2 disconects in last 7 months.

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