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Welcome to the EUL Clan!


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EUL Gaming is an over-arching brand created by Dyzfunction (the guy on stream) and IrkPandas (The guy behind the stream). Dyzfunction has a decade of experience as the owner of a tactical gun shop and is extremely experienced in firearms. We have a 300+ Discord with another YouTuber Tarkov Creator Stevie B. We also have guides to help you out if you are new player. Come join us!

● We have huge age range of people, everyone is welcome!

● We have Discord Tier 2 Boosts so tons of people 1080p 60fps Going Live.

● We play other games as well: CoD, Star Citizen, GTA, Gold with Friends and a few others.

We do not have any interviews or recruitment steps just join the Discord!

● Website: https://eulgaming.com/

● Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rrHKNNz

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