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Cant shoot cant loot`?

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On 3/1/2021 at 3:20 PM, wernonwar said:

Just happend right now. I could not loot or shoot. wtf is that again?

Do a video when this is happen, upload it to a platform (YouTube would be good), report from launcher describing the problem and link the video to that report.

But I guess is from your software (mouse, keyboard, etc).

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Solved it but it was the game. I had to force quit the game and then restart the game. Thankfully I could 4un and hide. Then I could shoot and loot.

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Happened to me twice, got stuck in the reloading animation. Couldn't even use items to heal my heavy bleeding and ended up with 25 hp as I restarted the game. 


Help me BSG, I'm stuck. 

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