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Wonderful Scav run

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Hi everybody,

Last Saturday,  I had a wonderful scav raid on Interchange.  Did I get amazing loot? - yes.  Did I survive? - No.

Doesn't matter, the experience was a blast.  Met another player scav in front of the cash registers at Oli.  WE both did the wiggle nuptial dance and started running the mall covering each others.

At one point, on the first floor, my new scav soul mate gets engaged by Killa's team and a major firefight occurs.  He get's killed and I get killed by Killa.  

Doesn't matter - I had a blast and I'm pretty sure that other player scav had a blast too.

For all of its shortcoming, this games, with its challenges and limits can still be a lot of fun.   

Just wanted to share.

See you in the game.

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