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can you tone down the aimbot on the raiders like 7 notches please thatd be great. not only do they have some magical 6th sense so if you see them they immediately know and start shooting but they also just hit you in the head after about 1.2 seconds its so great that not only do i need to fight every pmc on this garbage map but now i have to deal with more things that feel like hackers you somewhat fixed the actual hacking problem so you decided to make your own fantastic job nikita. 

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Raiders/bosses are easy to deal with, you just have to figure out a strategy that works. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to farm them with a pistol pretty much. Here's a few things ontop of my head that will help.


1. Fight them where you have cover.

2. NEVER EVER repeek a boss or his guards, if you don't get him with that 1-2 seconds window, take a few steps back and let them come to you or at least wait a while before peeking again.

3. Take your time.

4. Watch out when using nades on them, because they might rush into the same room you are in and do the "death-slide-of-doom" and one tap you.

5. Get a friend to watch your back.

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