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Game quality and shotgun scavs

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Hi there, i have been playing eft for like 1 year and i have been strugling lately with the game quality in the matter of fps, i have a good computer where i get really decent fps in tons of other games like pubg / dayz / scum which are games who also push a bit for the computer, but in tarkov with everything on low i still have terrible breaks and i have to restart the game after every raid or i will be playing with huge fps breaks every 3 seconds. I dont really know why that happens but if i can play so well the others games why does tarkov with all minimum destroy my sanity? Also would like to ask about scavs and their shotgun hits from 100 meters or more that allways hit and take out a leg / arm if not a straight headshot, i think it should be nerfed a bit. Thanks

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