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Scav AI or.. really interesting player?


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I really wish I was streaming this cause... well. It was very odd behavior, even for a 'player scav pretending to be an AI scav.' Please read all the way through. I dont need answers (though they would be great), nor am I looking to point fingers at Devs. Just want to share my little experience with you all.


So I spawn into factory on Scav, its a normal morning for me, getting some rat runs in to start the day. First thing I do when I spawn in, run to rat hole. Whats a rat hole? Its exactly what it sounds like, a hole where I stick my potato head into and wait X amount of time till I think its safe to come out and loot. Ye ye, I get it. At this point, the Chad's are visibly recoiling here. Just bear with me for a second. So I silent walk from rat hole to office hallway, then into office itself. I see an alive scav to the left of office staring at a wall by filing cabinets and then a bunch of dead bodies on the opposite side of him. Bodies were picked at, but still had loot for myself so I began looting. *Immediately upon entering a dead scavs pockets on the opposite side of the office, the alive scav voice lines and shoots. Being that I have not initiated any hostile action, and because well, I didnt get hit, I assumed the shot was just outside of office at someone else but then a second shot rings out and I get blacked left arm. This time I know its that scav so I look up to fight, but its walking *normally* out of office on filing cabinet side (I can see its feet under the desk as it moves out normally). So I follow it, its not even aggrod on me anymore, its just staring at a wall again this time near one of the bookshelves in hallway. I pop my pea shooter at him, aka the saiga9, and he voice lines immediately upon being struck, then WALKS down hallway towards the other office door on the safe's side. He walks a foot passed the office door and just stares down the hallway, nowhere where I would be. I pop out, kill him and that's the end of that.

 I'm pretty sure AI scavs have a chance to aggro you if you loot another dead scav. I was told this was a feature, but got removed so that AI scavs can loot other AI scavs without problem (dunno how true that is). Because if this was a player, he deserves the goddamn emmy for best acting. Some things to keep in mind before replying, I'm 200% sure I did not shoot my gun at all prior to being shot at by this scav. My rat runs are so passive that I literally don't run the risk of aggroing AI scavs coupled with the fact that I aim like an 80-year old man with potatoes for eyes when it comes to lining up a shot. And lastly, player scavs only really pretend to be an AI scav to fool other players. Meaning why wouldnt they have just killed me? Why miss your shot, then land the second only to walk away casually into office hallway? This all played out rather slowly, despite how it may seem in text.

Tell me what you guys think?

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