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Utilizing Scavs to help with hatchet runners

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As a note, I play 75% of my raids on Interchange, so this thread is mostly geared towards that map.

I've been trying to think through what solutions can be done about hatchet/pistol runners. A potential short term solution would be to load up major sections with scavs at the start of the raid, (IE techlight, Rass, Health resort).  This has potential to slow pistol runners or force them to bring better kits into the raid. I like the concept of dynamic loot, but it is very difficult to do this on a map like Interchange. Just like normal malls, each store has a purpose to the consumers.

I see a lot of talk about restricting FIR items in secured or disallowing items in there, but realistically this is going to be met with a ton of backlash that I don't blame the Devs for not wanting to take. I think this approach can help curb the backlash where anyone who complains is going to get hit with a "lol they're scavs, get gud" from the community. Most people aren't sympathetic to a guy who only risks a shr1mp and a scav bag.

This solution is also easier to implement as scavs are already coded into the game, and there is already a function for static scav spaws (ie sniper scavs). Also, according to devs, they already programed they want the Streets scav boss to be a defensive style of play, why not test out that code before streets open (toned down at a scav level of course).

Killing scavs doesn't really yield a big reward outside of experience, but I doubt the players who are rushing these spots are hurting on XP. A majority of pistol boys I kill are level 25+ and most level 1-20 bring in some kind of kit.

Its not a perfect fix, but it could hopefully slow the raid down. Wondering what other's thoughts are on this, what holes might be present in this suggestion too.

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I like the idea but I'm afraid it wont change much. I think most of the hatchet runners are pretty high level players so they can handle few scavs with just a pistol.

Problems I see with the game are
- hatchet runners
- low incentive to stay in raid
- High level gear obtainable on day 1 of wipe
- gear too readily available (people run same kit all week)

What Id like to see is to have few shorter wipes to test bigger changes instead of fine tuning stuff.
Few ideas:
- flea market
     - available only 2 days during the week
     - available only for levels 10-45
- container
     - cant put items inside container during raid
     - can put items inside only after holding them for 5min
     - items that stay in container for 5min wont lose FIR on death

- timegating
     - trader gear is slowly unlocked over first ~2months
     - Lab keycards unavailable at wipe start

Im not saying these are perfect solutions. Its just that Id like to see stuff tested

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