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I know the developers have been working to make this game great. I truly enjoy the game and have a love hate relationship with it as most players do. But one thing that seems to come up for me at least is spawns so close to each other. On shoreline some spawns are 100-200 meters away from each other and doesn't take long to run and get sights on the other spawn. This clip shows me spawning in on shoreline and running for 15 seconds or so and immediately hear someone near me. I understand this game is still beta and has more to come to make the game better. But the spawns make it difficult for new players and regulars to get to the main areas of each map (ex. Shoreline has the resort, customs has dorms, and so on). I know spawns have been adjusted and some new spawns have been added to help with this. But in the long run some spawns need to still be adjusted and or removed so spawn deaths can stop happening. 


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from what I can see, people have been complaining about spawns for years, and little has been done about it. its like spawn camping is encouraged, and you're just supposed to die most of the time. welcome to tarkov i guess. where realism is appreciated and seldom found, and streamers and meta reign supreme.

I wish they'd do something about spawns so I didn't always have a team of level 65 chads plowing through my broke ass every time i want to try and play.

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