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Feedback - What I love and hate in game

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What I love in Tarkov:
1. Gun modification - great really hard work from the Devs, many details, great idea
2. Medical system - not realistic but immersive and that's the point
3. Level of details on maps - you really can see that something was happening here
4. Gear management system
5. Weight system - I like it because it forces you to adapt. If you are carrying massive coffin on your back full of loot then don't be suprised that you are slow.

What I hate in Tarkov:
1. Meta and BiS things - it reminds me of World of Warcraft. I know that some things are better and they should be but if majority of players can run it all the time it ruins the gameplay. this stuff should be rare and hard to obtain beacause it is good. There is no middle class right now. Very few are going into raid with lvl 2, 3 and now 4 body armour. Chads everywhere, everybody is modding and using weapons that looks the same or beacuse some streamer is using something.ย  How many of us is actually exploring the game for themselfes?
2. No recoil guns - press the button and laser beam enemy with full auto from 100m. I don't know if this is intend. I hate it.
3. Glorification of full auto over singe and bursts - you know, COD 2.0
4. Specified loot spawns - OH! in this very room spawn LEDX and most of players are going there.
5. Maps are big but most of the fights are in one or two places because of loot. 20 min and raid is over.
6. Mechanics of movement - bunny hopping through map... really? Is it Fortnite? or CS:GO? Lets jump from second floor, hit the ground and still kill somebody.. Batman!
7. Middle of screen is your sight - shooting without aiming, gun is always pointing the same spot, no movement of gun itself. Why the duck you need to use your real sights, just spray full auto with your recoiless-60round magazine gun - every ducking time.. skill.
8. Overall game ends after 1,5 - 2 month because everyone is rushing 40 lvl and then most leave the game.
9. While shooting for example: PP 5,45 or PS 7,62 or another mid caliber ammo I feel like I'm shooting with cartoon bullets. Idk, if somebody is hit by a bullet the should be worried.. it's better now than earlier but still... In my opinion Insurgency done it better.

I don't know, I'm bored with this game right now. It's going in a way that I don't like and I didn't buy EOD to play CoD or CS:Go and to gloryfy that playstyle in hardcore battle simulation game.

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Main things I can see being done are to punish the run and gun style. Think like Tucker Beers, not like streamer!

Maybe also have the rifle sort of "uncenter" itself if you are moving around a lot. This might be affected by a skill, tightening the maximum circle your gun can drift to.

Automatic fire has its place. That being said... Automatic should really have some reductions in precision. You should have to walk the gun back on target instead of the game doing it for you.

My biggest question is where we draw lines. Where does avatar end and player begin? Should the avatar do some more advancing things by themselves, or should we have the player do it instead?

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