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My entire inventory / ability to fire or perform any action just locked up in mid battle. I had to quit the game, and I came back to only being able to load 1 bullet into my magazines. Terrible experience.

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Using a DT-MDR with M61 - which only has 20 round maximum magazines.  Get into a huge fire fight in West wing Resort - My character locks up with my gun half-tilted - can't fire, can't move or select anything in my inventory, can't do anything at all.  Frantically I restart the game - 2 mins later loading back in - miraculously I'm still alive!  The enemy killed my teammates that I couldn't help - they are busy looting. I take out 1 and run back to cover.  I try loading some ammo into my magazines, and only 1 bullet goes in.  I drag the ammo over the mag again - nothing happens.  I try my other mag, same thing.  I now have one empty magazine, and 2 magazines with only 1 bullet that won't accept any more.  Needless to say, I died shortly after.

What a terrible experience.  Not only the locking up part, but to come back after a game restart and I still have game breaking bugs going on?  This needs to be fixed, ASAP - and it's been around for years, apparently.  My guess it has something to do with going in and out of the inventory during reloading or some kind of animations - something gets locked up due to a do once or a conditional execution that doesn't fire properly.

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I hear you, I had soup with ghost pepper in it an was in the bathroom for 6 hours after.. it also was a terrible experience.

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Had the same bug two times. At least the locking part. 


Just killed a solo and had a heavy bleeding. Relogged with 25 hp, blacked head and chest. Didn't even know this is possible. I sure won't forget this raid because I had mad loot and still got to exfil. 

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Pretty common bug. Me and many others have posted about it. Also made bug reports but i dont know maybe they dont know what the heck is causing it. 

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