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End game Suggestion, if even temporary.

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I'm seeing a lot of players talk about this as in "What to do when the tasks are done?" I have maybe a logical solution.

So basically in my opinion tarkov is this new trend that's getting more popular these days. The gaming industry has went from a huge battle royale boom into these games with a more PvEvP trend or giving something to do than just killing players until only one player or team remains, for example Hunt: the showdown, Warzone, Escape from Tarkov and so on.

So problem is when people complete most of the tasks and they get to level 40,  the game becomes more like just a PvP game and it loses instinctively its appeal. It goes from a game were your adrenalines pumping from trying to get out alive with a graphics card for a task to you're looting for the sake of looting, you're killing other players and gaining more loot that turns into money as usual. In other words the game loses it personality and doesn't have that psychological grip on you anymore.

I propose that at a certain point say when you get the Kappa Container, you get random/unique tasks that have incentives. The lore would be like even though the main missions to help Tarkov being done there are still contractors and people who need mercenarys and help until the place has been cleaned up.

So in terms of random/unique tasks for example some tasks that have been done before like hand in some money or kill 6 pmcs in office area but expand more on this by doing similar things but also different so another example would be kill 10 pmcs with a gzhel and a kolpak helmet or loot 50 stashes etc. Some missions could have higher rewards in place but have a life limit or time limit or a set gear set they give you.

In terms of incentives. What about you get a choice of reward for example if you pick Prapor you get +1 Strength, Therapist +1 Health or Peacekeeper +1 Recoil Control. Or pick which currency or a loot reward graphics card, array etc some tasks are if completed give you a random key.

The only either idea would be to have a prestige system with a good incentive like you get to keep the Kappa container and the reward is different from fence from then on or maybe that's a bit extreme but you know what I mean as long as the PvE/tasking element which gives player anxiety from loss is still there so PvP has that more significant feel from the fear of dying.


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