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endgame league / a different approach to the end game


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Uppon hitting Lvl 40 you automatically enter the league

Flea market gets restricted: you can only sell freely but need to earn tickets to buy something.

( don't rage yet, pls keep reading)

Tickets can be earned by completing weekly / daily quests.

Two types of quests:

Quests you need to complete in open matches, mainly delivery / extraction quests.

Quests you need to complete in league matches, mainly PMC and Boss kill quests.

Game modes:

Open: "matching" like it is now, ! but if you kill an lower lvl ( below lvl 30 or so) that has an quest active on the map you play and you kill him, he naturally fails to complete the task. The traders don't like that and therefore your trader rep with that trader gets reduced. So if you are a noob slaughtering pussy trader levels will get locked.

League / Ranked: bosses are always enabled, some scavs get replaced by raiders. --- You only get matched with player that are lvl 40+ ( or lvl 30+ if bosses are not always on)
Your trader rep gets increased if you kill boss or his guards or complete quests in this mode.

League ranking: At the end of the week the scores of the completed quests gets added to the monthly score. At the end of the month the top scoring players get prices.

Yes I no life this game, yes I chad, meta and so on.
Just putting some ideas out there to make the end game more interesting.

Yes I know that at the current time theres enough to do for the devs.

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Im not going to discuss if this is a good or bad idea... Just going to mention that the end game is not even in the game yet.

What you are currently playing is not the representation of what raids will consist of ... so spending resources creating a plca holder for a place holder seems a bit unproductive.

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I have to mention that as a general rule, when daily quests are added to games, that's a sign of a dying game. Repeatable quests should die in a fire, they are almost always substituted for content that would otherwise be fun. Think about it;

You log in, do your dailies and log out. If those dailies weren't there you wouldn't log in at all. That shows that the player no longer wants to play, and all dailies do is prolong a players boredom of a game. Allow players to stop playing (like in PoE) then weeks or months down the line they are more likely to boot the game back up. 


I can't stress enough how damaging repeatable quests are to games. 


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