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FIX: Dying From Energy Loss and Dehydration, and Vitality Medstation Requirement......


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Okay, these are my thoughts on the energy and hydration levels and their effects. They need fixed in a big way. We are going for realism, Right?

What should happen when your energy bottoms out is it slowly takes your health down until you get to 1 hp per body part and then it stays there until you eat something then heal, extract, or die to a player. You shouldn't be able to med kit your health back up without eating but certain stims should still work to counter the effects. It should literally make you drag ass, possibly slower than a limp at a certain point, or make it so you can only crawl if you are overweight and maybe you can't even move without ditching weight. You should be able to stationary rest to be able to regain enough stamina to walk at a normal pace again but not run, it tapers back down again and you have to rest again, rinse and repeat. Basically it makes it easy for someone to kill you because your health is bottomed out and you are too weak/slow to defend yourself, that should be the ultimate consequence: dying to another player/scav. That would mimic real life to a certain extent and still make the energy bar viable. Associated stats should also be affected by energy, such as losing a percentage of your strength or endurance skills once you get to around 1/3 of your energy level and it tapers down the closer you get to 0. This would meaningfully tie strength and endurance directly to your energy bar.

What it should not do: It should not outright kill you! I have never heard of a person dying from exhaustion that wasn't doing nonstop extreme physical labor. Sure people die from heat stroke but almost never from exhaustion, being tired, or lack of rest, and it takes 2 weeks to die of starvation.......my character goes from full energy and hydration to 0 within 30 mins and I spend the majority of my time slow walking and hiding because I suck at this game. I expend more energy IRL walking my dogs in 30 mins than my character does in game and I don't frigging drop dead.......common, super unrealistic.

Hydration should follow similar protocols, lowering your overall health down, but not killing you.  Med kits could be less effective past a certain dehydration level, maybe you can only get a major bleed down to a minor one while dehydrated or it takes double the bandages. I don't think you should die from it within the time frame of a tarkov match, there should be major consequences but not death. I do think you should be able to die from dehydration if you have taken stomach damage. Dying of dehydration is much more plausible as people do regularly die of dehydration IRL but it usually takes a couple days, even in hot climates, and is not realistic within the time frame of a tarkov match.

Another related thing that bugs me, suffering from dehydration while in a torrential downpour/raining in game and not being able to capture the rain somehow to bring back up your hydration. Maybe looking to the sky and capturing it in your mouth? Face shield would have to be open. It would make you vulnerable to other players and a good consequence to that action.

Vitality, I wish there was a lower threshold in the hideout for med station to upgrade to level 3. I am a very slow and methodical player, I must get in fewer fights, die less or take less damage than other players. My vitality was barely over level 2 by the time I was at player level 28. I ended up grenading myself in raid 30 times in a row to level it up to 3 for the med station. I don't think that a player should be punished for a more careful play style. I think that Vitality level 2 as the Med Station 3 upgrade requirement is more appropriate.

These are some things I wish the Devs would think about changing while we are still in beta.

We come to this game to play against other people, dying of being tired or dehydrated within 30 mins ruins the realism for me. Should there be consequences? YES, big ones, but dropping dead should not be one of them! At this point, having a dragon that flies out of the sky and kills you once your energy or hydration levels hit zero is just as realistic as dropping dead from it.....

Would love to hear others thoughts on this.

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