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Can you please for the love of god fix the synchronizing when the countdown begins. *furious*

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So I foumd a violet key for labs but since im only level 18 i don't bother going there.
anyways, as i waited and waited for the match to begin BUT THERE IS NO COUNTDOWN TO GET READY?? I think the game is loading me in but some how i was already in and i got headshot AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS IN THE GAME YET!
i spent 300k on m855a1, 60 rnd mags, and about 200k on the gun itsself. then i was wearing 150k level 5 armour and a mint condition lzh[whatever] that accepts a mask.

my quest was kill one more scav. so i wanted to make sure i could do that and extract as well i needed one more scav kill on woods. i spent essentially a million - the most money i've ever had for the armour, and the bullets. here is the video.


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oof thats an unfortunate lag. Ive never experienced that before where instead of the countdown timer, its just a black screen. Sucks to know its possible. And its bizarre how quick you were shot...

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