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running a game off a usb stick

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I was wondering if its possible to run a game off a usb stick. I have a fast usb drive that I think might be faster than my hard drive. There is an option in a launcher to change a path of tarkov installation, so I figured I can just move it there. Are there any rules prohibiting running a game off a flash drive?

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I ran mine off an external USB drive for ages before I swapped it to my main (very tiny) SSD. Didn't have much issues other than the load speed.


that being said, those sticks aren't really built for streaming information constantly off them. You will most likely run into stuttering any time it has to load new data (like the sound of a gun shooting, Audio is a real pain for things like that).


If you can, I'd suggest using an external HDD rather than the stick, unless it's a superfast modern stick, it probably won't cut it.


You can use "crystaldiskmark" to check the speeds of your drive, if you do that with your internal and the stick, I'd say you'll find the HDD is still probably the better choice in terms of consistency of read/write speeds.

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Personally I boot mine up mine from Google Drive. On a serious note, I've heard that if your drive is a 3.0 USB the speeds aren't too bad. Have heard from some people its faster than a HDD. Cant really confirm that though.

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