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Tarkov and blockchain technology


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Hello everyone!

So I a fairly new player and I'm loving the game!
As i have been playing i have seen how the game uses bitcoin, pegged to real life prices, and for this they need to nerf/buff the bitcoin mechanic within the game. Also I can clearly see this game has the most potential (within all games i have played) to implement blockchain tech (scarcity supply/demand with the items). With this i wanted to ask if there is any plans on implementing a POS chain in the game that would be exclusively for the tarkov community. They could also implemented a governance token (so that the community would vote for what to implement next depending on what the devs would offer). This wouldn't make that the game depend on so many currencies and would only depend on the token himself. You could say "but then the game would not be free" but that's why you can still farm with scavs and the free loot within the raids.

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i just seen this post and i was always thinking how perfect this game would be if it was on a blockchain or somehow connected to ntfs so that all items and game tokens are crypto it would be a game changer for tarkov and the future of it , its the perfect game in every way , all items and guns become nfts and crypto tokens in game for the currencies , would destroy every other blockchain game by far in my opinion , these guns as gfts would be massive massive 

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