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TarkovTV LIVE WIP Screenshots

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Imagine the callouts there's gonna be a million xD

Imagine saying I see him in "THE window" 

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Just now, armorman said:

rat home confirmed

its a massive map, i wonder how many players would it takes in

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3 minutes ago, ARABMaverick said:

Did they say anything about release date


Presumably .13 which has been hinted sometime this year, kinda vague though

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Map looks great! I can imagine how scary the buildings are until you hit the power breakers to turn on power!

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I cannot Wait!!!! I thought the same thing about the FPS Drop but I think that is why they are working so hard on the servers. Honestly BatttleStateGames you are passionate about this game and it shows. Thank you for all your hard work. 

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CQB at its FINEST. Hell yeah. BSG, really, REALLY good job to you guys, kudos for keeping up the passion -and there is passion, as a missionmaker in arma, putting all this detail and effort into telling a story is frigging hard- , kudos then for keeping up all these years.

Cheers and waiting for more!

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