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Team and proximity based insurance to reduce insurance fraud


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Dear developers

Me and a friend have been talking about insurance fraud recently and how to adjust the current insurance system to reduce the fraudulent component.
First of, what is insurance fraud:
When a player is dumping his equipment in a hard-to-find spot on the map, to take some other loot. He then receives all the items he dropped again, with a minimal risk of it being found by someone else and therefor profits double.

Our proposed changes have two components, which should be tested in steps.
Step 1 -> Component 1 active
Step 2 -> Component 2 active
Step 3 -> Component 1 & 2 active

Component 1:
Have a percentage of successful insurance return based on your team size and survival of team members. When you are running as a team, you have to rely on your teammates
to get your stuff out. You already have much better odds as a big team in comparison to a solo for survival and insurance just makes sure you will almost never lose anything.

So the rough numbers I would present are as follows:
Solo Player : 100% success rate
2P Squad: 80% success rate (drops to 50% when 1 squad mate extracts)
3P Squad: 50% success rate (drops to 20%/5% when 1/2 squad mates extract)
4P Squad: 20% success rate (drops to 5%/1%/0% when 1/2/3 squad mates extract)
5P Squad: 5% success rate (drops to 1/0% when 1-2/3-4 squad mates extract)

The incentive for this change, to play as a team and help each other out. Teamplay is encouraged.

Component 2:
Have a percentage of successful insurance return based on proximity of an item to your dead body. When somebody is picking up your gear,
also a friend of yours then its most likely gone. How should the insurer be able to find your stuff on a huge map like woods or shoreline
and know this is your gear. Therefore, equipment closer to your body is more certain for an insurer to match it with you.

So the rough numbers I would present are as follows:
Equipment is 0m off your body: 100% success rate
Equipment is 1m off your body: 95 % success rate
Equipment is 5m off your body: 90% success rate
Equipment is 10m off your body: 75% success rate
Equipment is 20m off your body: 50% success rate
Equipment is 30m off your body: 10% success rate
Equipment is 50m off your body: 5% success rate
Equipment is >50m off your body: 0.5% success rate
Equipment is >100m off your body: 0.1% success rate

The further away the less likely you get your stuff back. In the formula there should be a drop off around 20m and never get to zero.

For the third step:
Those two systems will be cumulated.

Thank you for your time and I hope for a lot of discussion about the idea.
Kind regards.

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Short and simple answer is, too complex and potentially too unrealistic to implement as stated.

However, having a chance to fail in addition to people looting is a feature I'd agree on.

But it'd need to be as simple as possible for servers to calculate. Something like 10-15% chance for insurance to fail.

This feature would open the door to more ideas, such as modify this % chance based on map/geographical area, traffic (servers would already know which map has most raids).

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You might be right; it all depends how the whole insurance system is implemented as of now.

If its a post raid calculation, then the system should be fairly easy to implement and not consume much compute time.
The server needs to know all the player information anyway for the current insurance system. Therefore, adding the team size might be a few lines of code. The proximity part might be more challenging, but I my development experience doable. All that said, it heavily depends on how BSG has implemented the current system. It could be a simple addition or a major refactoring of the code base.

Just the fail chance could be the 0.5 step of the whole system. I like your ideas on location/traffic-based percentages. I could also imagine a system based on your reputation (scav/player)

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Fair point, and in that case I'd have no objection.

I rather like the idea that insurance can still fail, even if nobody looted you.

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If they could pull it off, it could be an interesting change! I especially like that insurance would have a chance to fail.

Of course, I have to wonder...

Why not just cut to the chase and say that only a player's equipped items get returned?

Want your teammate to get his juicy gun back? Then you've gotta leave it on his person, not dump it into a bush.

IMO that may be a positive change. Right now, players can quickly hide stuff then continue on their merry way. But with this change, players would have at least some incentive to either spend time "guarding" the downed bodies or try and carry the gear out themselves.

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