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Adrenaline Rush That Lets You Run When Getting Shot


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Hello, I have a great idea which could be implemented into the game. I have seen many cop bodycam videos and notice that whenever a police officer gets shot, he does not feel pain for a short period of time and then starts bleeding and feeling dizzy. Whenever a player gets shot in tarkov, no matter which limb, their leg stamina instantly goes out. I hate that when I get shot in my arm or  my chest, I cant run.

I propose to add realism to tarkov, when you first get shot or take severe amount of damage, you get an adrenaline rush for a few seconds to get in cover. Adrenaline rush lets you run for the first few seconds to take cover even if the leg is fractured or blacked. A few seconds later you then feel the tremor, pain, and need to use a painkiller to run again.

How does that sound?

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