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Low performance in Reserve since 12.10

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Since the update the game is nearly unplayable.
I'm around 40-50 fps with big fps drops below 10fps, like every 20 seconds. I put the lowest graphics settings possible and it doesn't help.
It was fine before the update with pretty high settings.
My config in case it helps : i5 4460 ; GTX 1050 Ti ; 16Gb ram

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I think this previous hotfix has caused a lot of problems with the game I would say you are experiencing issues because of the hotfix!! I cant even connect to games now have a 4 ping with a good up and down. a bunch of my friends is having issues like you are having as well

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I'm having exactly the same issues. Game worked perfectly well for me prior to 12.10. Since then I've been having horrendous frame drops, sometimes down to 1 fps for 5-10 seconds. I'm also getting really weird lighting bugs (looks like flashes from the sky). It's making the game unplayable to be honest.


RYZEN 5 3600X


16GB DDR4.

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Customs 12.9 had 100~ fps with drops to minimum 70 

Now after 12.10 i have less then 60 fps on all maps 
and massive stutters and lag


My specs Ryzen 7 3700x oc'd to 4.2Ghz RTX 2070 Super non oc 16GB ram 

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Fellas I figured it out update to the latest graphics driver turn OFF physical cores and turn OFF chrom. Aberrations and turn ON MIP streaming just jumped 80fps average and no stutters at all 

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