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PVE (Co-op map)

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Hello friends!

I have a suggestion to make one map where it is only PVE or CO-OP please.

Even if you make the map EXTREMELY hard and add a paywall like in Labs I honestly won't mind. I will put another 1000 hours into Tarkov with a map like that where I can take a breather but still do something in Tarkov. I want to play but sadly my anxiety is killing me sometimes. I think there are many players who will love something like this and keep them feeling welcome in Tarkov.

I bought this game for the PVP please dont get me wrong, I am level 41 and have played since patch 8.. (something). Love this game, but sometimes a "relaxed" raid will hit the right spot.

Thank you for reading

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Co-op PVE with progression and items you can carry over to your stash will not happen.
Offline CO-OP with friends is however going to be added at some point from what I could find.

Search is your friend :) 

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Offline coop would be enough actually. It would be a great way to show people around the maps and do some testing. 

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I had decent internet back when I got the game. Now I got WIFI and my internet sucks. sometimes the ping just spikes every 10 seconds and I get kicked when it doesn't "re-stabilise", or it will just stop transmitting out of the blue for a minute or so. 

Plus I got a similar anxiety problem. I would love to be able to have a local save for an exclusively offline mode to be able to keep enjoying the game. I'd even be willing to spend a 20-30$ on it if it was offered as a additional account upgrade kind of thing. But I think they want to make a new game based on tarkov with bigger emphasis on the single player experience (quests, npcs and so on). 

But it's low on their priority list of things to do. maybe when we are closer to the final version of the game we might get lucky. 

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9 hours ago, TargaryenNV said:

some new about coop offline

coop for current offline mode without progression is in development, no ETA yet

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Guys actually, there's alraedy a single player mod, not coop at all, can't jplay with other people, but you can have same experience as tarkov in single player with that mod. Experience, loot, quests and all, PMC too controlled by AI

Just search Tarkov single player mod

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I'd love COOP/PVE.
Just have the Coop progression be separate from the PVP side.
Voila! You have a The Division competitor, that's leaps and bounds better.

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