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Blue Screen of Death on Tarkov for "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT"?


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The past 2 days I have been getting random blue screens of death only on Escape from Tarkov. Mid-raid, I would crash and my computer would blue screen with the code "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT". I have tried turning off the "Auto Ram Cleaner" option and I still got a blue screen in a raid. My computer was built late last year and never had any issues with Tarkov before, let alone getting blue screens either when playing other games. All drivers are up to date.

Some more information:

  • Happens only when having Escape from Tarkov open, in-raid
  • Happens if "Auto RAM Cleaner" is on or off.
  • Does not happen with other applications open.
  • RAM usage on Tarkov is ~50% when in-raid (I have 32GB RAM).
  • I have the NVIDIA Instant Replay feature on most of the time, but this occurred while it was disabled or enabled.
  • I have not gotten a BSOD with any other games/applications open prior. This issue started 2 days ago after the patch/micro-patches.


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I am having the exact same issue and get BSOD every time I try to load up Tarkov. 

Every other game seems to be working fine. I did a full diagnostics, checked and upgraded everything possible including bios, drivers, etc. I even reinstalled the entire game. 

I have a brand new computer with Ryzen 7 5800x, ASUS Tuf gaming x570, DDR4 3600 RAM Corsair Vengence. Havent had an issue for 3-4 months.


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Having the exact same issue and it's happening more and more frequently, though only with Tarkov. It always was and stays a RAM-intensive game (sometimes I have stuttering or even freezes cause it maxes out, even though all the setting are pretty low). Is there a way to fix the memory leaking? The option to automatically clean RAM does't seem to make much of a difference.

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