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Transcript of the recent "Tarkov Community Podcast #3"


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Upcoming events run by the emissaries:

- The Italian/French tournament, organized by emissaries Silverballer Krytecks and R0nfl3x and AgarthaEnzo.

- The Hunt global tournament, organized by IronFists and Philbo

- Evasion tournaments: solos, duos (2 man teams) and soon trios (3 man teams).


Questions for Nikita:


Q: What are your favorite multiplayer game modes?

A: My favorite multiplayer mode was "Artifact Hunt" from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - You need to be the first to find an item and bring it back to base. I also prefer the team missions in the original Unreal Tournament, a game mode in which a team of players completes PvE-oriented tasks.


Q: Any news on the Arena?

A: The concept and details of the Arena mode will be presented in more detail later this year. Events (e.g. tournaments) may be adapted for the Arena as well as for regular raids.


Q: What does BSG think about EFT tournaments?

A: My team and I watch tournaments regularly. For us, they are further proof that Escape from Tarkov is more than just pixels, more than just a game. It brings us joy, inspiration, and, of course, greatly boosts our morale and connects us to the community.


Q: What inspired you to create Arena Mode?

A: We wanted to see how the mechanics of a classic competitive shooter would work in the context of Escape From Tarkov game mechanics. Arena will fit seamlessly into the game's lore.


Q: How long will the Arena match last?

A: The duration of the match is expected to take from 1 to 20-25 minutes.


Q: How many people can be in a team in the Arena?

A: Between 2 and 5 people per team, depending on the mode.


Q: Will there be an Spectator mode in the Arena?

A: Yes, we are planning to launch Spectator mode.


Q: Will there be a ranking system in the Arena?

A: The ranking system will be the core of the Arena's competitive component. The higher the rating, the more options will be available. 


Q: How does the Arena overlap with Escape from Tarkov?

A: In certain modes it will be possible to use your equipment, but with some restrictions. Equipment will also be lost if you are killed. That said, insurance will work and the chance that gear will be returned will be significantly higher than in normal raids.


Additional details:

The chance of insurance returning items is expected to be higher, as players in the Arena may not have time to collect loot.

We have not yet decided if there will be any limits on skill levels for Arena battles.

BSG plans to support competitive events in the Arena.

No respawns. The character respawn mechanic on the Arena goes against the concept of the game. Value your character's life and remember that you will lose gear and rating points in the Arena upon death. The cost of losing will be quite expensive. That's the way it's meant to be.


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1 hour ago, tobiassolem said:

We have not yet decided if there will be any limits on skill levels for Arena battles.

Skills should be equal for all ... BSG will scare/drive away all casuals.

It's already enough if they loose gear or/and weapons.

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31 minutes ago, MSDX said:

Hm, honestly not a fan of losing loot in the arena.

2 hours ago, tobiassolem said:

In certain modes it will be possible to use your equipment

Which means u will be given somekind of equipment in certain modes too.  (check one of latest podcasts for more information)

Whats more, they said:

2 hours ago, tobiassolem said:

The chance of insurance returning items is expected to be higher, as players in the Arena may not have time to collect loot.

ANd they cleared that out in one of latests podcasts.
Like sure, u can try to loot body u just killed, but enemy might be just around corner, since some maps will be smaller, so looting will be a harder thing to do without losing your life.

So overall i expect that we will be given some cash to work with, to make our gear for Arena games, but also in other mode we will be able to use our weapons from Stash.
Maybe even 2 seperated modes?
Like :
1. Only cash given I.e. some categories 50000 rubles, 100000 rubles, 200000
2. Cash given as above + ability to take something from your stash.

DUnno, we will have to wait and see.

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So, the biggest question still stand because I can't see transcript of that and I actually didn't have time to watch podcast (So far from what I've remember Nikita didn't say it clearly, he said it might be included or might require additional $ spending):

1. Will arena be included in 150$ pricetag of EOD edition for EOD owners. As it was supposed to be a map included in EFT  (screenshot below)obraz.thumb.png.067f66c6c68662d26b757be4569819a6.png

I understand it's additional workload but if we look at "upcoming features" it was included years ago with additional modes for EFT itself.


Now question outside the box:

1. Will we get a roadmap for 2021 for example to know what to actually wait for

  • I think this would be great addition to podcasts itself (it may be just in info graphic style as for example squad does it (example below)
  • obraz.thumb.png.7acc949ac0bf7e56b33dc9be890bf526.png
  • I understand the meme "it's done when it's done" but we could get "rough" idea of whats to come for next year and in my personal opinion this would actually help with PR especially for new people deciding wheter to buy tarkov or not. If something would get delayed then it could be re-released with updated info graphic and reasons for.
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