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Weapon Rack in Hideout


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I had seen this suggested once when searching, but it got no traction and was more geared towards items and not specifically weapons.

I'd like to suggest a Weapon Rack be buildable within the hideout, perhaps near the stash physically, wherein a user could lock in a particular weapon build they are proud of (or is very memey) to add a little visual flare to the inside of the hideout. 

Different levels of the weapon rack could allow you to display larger/more weaponry. 

As a wishlist item, the ability to grab them off the Weapon Rack while in the hideout without managing your inventory screen, to then test at the shooting range would be very cool. 

Functionally, this would also serve as a tiny bit more stash space for folks who want to use it that way, which I don't feel provides too big an advantage, and would make spending the building materials more worth it. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestion! Great work dev/design team :)🌍


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