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Moving Quest Items in Raid

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Today while doing the quests; "Shaking Up Teller", "Farming. Part 3" and "Pharmacist" I found out that the quest item inventory is basically useless. As you can see by the image I had both the graphics card package and the valuable case for the quests "Shaking Up Teller" and "Farming Part 3". Now when I got to the "Pharmacist" package the game let me know there was no space in my inventory. I thought that it meant my bag was full at first but then I realized it was the quest item inventory. I tried to move the packages around but the game didn't let me. I couldn't fit the "Pharmacist" package in.


While I understand the argument that quest item inventory should possibly be limited, though I don't see any reason why it being unlimited would be unfair or unrealistic but not being able to move items in the quest inventory or not being able to drop them for whatever reason is an oversight in my opinion. Overall this little bug is just


Literally unplayable, please fix.


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Could you please be more clear and detailed about your problem?

Are you unable to move items to your 'off-raid quest item stash'?

Are you having trouble locating spots for placing quest items?

Are you having trouble with turning in quest items for completion?

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Of course. I mean that you cannot move the quest items around in their in-raid inventory. So for example in my case, I could move the packages around to make room for a 4x4 Quest package but I'm confused as to your later questions. I didn't say anything about placing or turning in quest items.

My problem is merely that you cannot move your in-raid quest items around in their respective inventory not talking about moving them to off-raid inventory.

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