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TARKOV EVENTS FEEDBACK | Punisher etc tournaments

TARKOV EVENTS FEEDBACK | Punisher etc tournaments  

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  1. 1. Teamwork events or Current setup?

    • Organised, Teamwork and objective focused events
    • Current, Solo/Group focused point systems

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The various community events that have been coming out is certainly a cool way to promote the game, have some healthy competition and also give some prizes as an incentive.


But i feel they also push a mindset that has nothing to do with EFT. People running around killing others just for dogtags or some other "points" downgrades the experience into a pew pew run around -fest.

I would love to see some more of EFT's (and RAID mini series') mindset into the mix:
Teamplay, more organised firefights, with an objective or some form of goal that requires the team to work together at the forefront, and most of all, survival in that environment.

Since the hosts of the most recent event (punisher) mentioned the use of private servers, i think the ability to make some more organised/team-oriented events would be more than doable, showcasing how teamwork and communication can be a lot more helpful than many might see it as hassle.

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PVE 12 player modes with scav infested streets of tarkov buildings to clear, raider bosses with buffed raider underlings in fortified locations with weapon \ parts \ medical supply dumps and objectives, 8 v 8 PVP modes with objectives, there are plenty of ways you can formulate the current functions of the game with relatively minimal changes.  I'm sure it would take some time, but it's something to think about for the future, and people will love it if you stick to the true spirit of EFT when doing it. 

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