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I want the PP-90 in tarkov

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Not the M1 Bizion, the stolen copycat ARES FMG design that Russian police used in the 1980s chambered in 9x18.

have it fit in a 1x2 slot in your rig like a mag but when you select it’s hot key it unfolds and you have a neat 9x18 backup gun with a high ROF.

what do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

maybe even add in the original 9x19 ARES design brought over by peacekeeper or magpulls glock FMG chassis because glock is everywhere and we already have a dump truck ton of glock mag types.

if we got the AReS FMG they would obviously have to add in UZI mags and since they would add in UZI mags they may as well add in the UZI too.


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