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All out of money and gear?

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Bro, if you are struggling to get our alive as a scav, go factory and then run straight to the exit.

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Best advice has been repeated ad nauseum.

Run your scav as often as possible.

New advice follows.

DO NOT pay for heals on the after raid screen. Use a Car kit or grizzly to heal from stash. Its a little extra exp that can help you get to 10 over time.

Between scavs, run your PMC with a pm pistol, GSSH headset, cheapest tact vest you can find, and cheapest backpack you can find.

Ears are a huge benefit. Learn the sounds and you will have a much better chance of survival.

Take minnimal meds and leave space in your secure for small high value loot items.

Learn the outer rim stash run on interchange, or a stash route through shoreline.

Stay away from hotzones as much as possible, keep an eye on the direct and indirect paths between them. 

Learn which food and drink items are worth extracting with, and which you can eat in raid (for more exp and metabolism skills).

Make friends. 

Most importantly, do not quit. Yes this game can be frustrating and irritating, however, nothing quite beats the feeling of killing a 4 man squad while using a bolt action from less than 50 meters away and they have no clue where you are at!

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legging 2 chads on reserve with a kedr and 14 rouble ammo is quite hilarious , even if i got killed while looting their gear

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Just play scav reserve and try to kill some raiders or scav boss... take your time and dont be greedy and probably you will end up with a bunch of good stuff to play as a PMC or sell to buy a new KIT

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