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KIBA Gaming Cafe is now Open for Business for Customers in [OCE] [SEA] [ASIA] Regions to come join its Discord!

[ENG] KIBA Gaming Cafe is a Discord Community catered towards ESCAPE FROM TARKOV (EFT) players in ALL experience brackets [New and Veterans!].



  • •ASIA Community
  • • Squad Finder/ Looking for Group Channel
  • • Brag About your Loot
  • • Weapon Build Guides
  • • Tarkov Economy and Ammo Discord BOTs
  • • Limited Voice Channels for Duos, Trios, Quads, and Full Squads
  • • Unlimited Voice Channel
  • • Tarkov Game Discussion
  • • Laidback and Friendly Community
  • • Play Other Games with People
  • • Karaoke Room

Join > https://discord.gg/aQGzHrzeMg


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Getting a lot of great players lately joining in :) Glad to have an active community here in South East Asia 

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