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Suggestion - Improve loading times

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All the suggestions on this forum are fine and all, but to be honest if there was ever to be an improvement that would make me want to play this game even more, it would be improvements to loading time.

I spend on average 4-5 min in the loading screen sometimes more or less, and it's frustrating when you just wanna play the game. Most people just get use to it, and live with it. But how awesome would it be that you could be inside a raid seconds after you die, ready to go again. My computer is fine, not a moster or anything, but it's pretty new and loads other games fast.

There are plenty of ways to improve the loading times, I'm sure. Here's a few of my ideas.


Something that might need explaining.
Static - Things that do not change, such as a wall, house, sandbag, trees, the layout of the map or a tank.
Dynamic - Things that change during a raid. Loot, bullet holes and SCAVs. 
There is a middleground between dynamic and static, such as a windows location is static, but if it's broken or not is dynamic.


Suggestion #1
Force people to load a map before joining a lobby. Everything that in general is static should be loaded before people get to join a lobby, this allows people with slow PC's to not get a late spawn as well. And only dynamic things like loot and scav locations has to be loaded(I know there's more).

Suggestion #2
Don't dump static memory of loaded maps, unless a player chooses another map. Keep it. This allows players to jump in fast after a death. This also means that if you only play one map for a full session of say 3 hours, you only have to load static content ONE time.

Suggestion #3
Have loot tables ready before people join a map. I don't know if it's like that now, but loading something that's already generated should be faster. Generate 100+ loot tables at a time, and throw them out as needed when a lobby is created.

Suggestion #4
Let people load static content for a map while gearing up. A lot of time is spend in the loadout screen, buying and selling, and getting ready. Use that time to load static content for a map.


What do you think?


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