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running like dog poop

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Played my first few raids since 12.10 and its running like crap. Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or what are the best settings to be optimized? Before the game would average around 50fps and get spikes to 70 but now im lucky when i get spikes of 40.


16gb ram

I5-8600 3.60

Im not super comp savvy so not sure what settings to mess with.

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Personally, I’d replace the Intel cpu with a ryzen 5 3600x or better. What are your specs on the ram if you don’t mind? 

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Your setup should be fine, I'm running similar and yes this update has really been crappy. Reserve especially is just god awful. 
The game has never been optimized, but it seems that this patch exacerbated the memory leak and other allocations the game makes on resources. There should be no reason this game needs 32Gb of ram, but by adding 16Gb on top of my 16Gb the majority of issues stopped, while the memory usage stayed the same. I even started running a memory cleaner while playing the game even with the added ram.

Without changing anything to your setup, perhaps change your textures to streaming if your install is on a SSD. It should help a little.

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