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Europe vs. US

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Hi dudes,

I recently noticed a seemingly difference between european servers and us servers in terms of the skill level of players. On european servers there are only super chads who make top notch plays and have cat like reflexes. Hipfire on point, sniperlike nades. I got totally recked hundreds of times.

Then I switched to us servers because I played with a friend. And we dominated. First I thought it was pure luck but I made some more solos on us and it is astounding. I single handedly slaughterd squads, my survival rate got up, it is bloody great. I felt like lvndmarks retarded little brother and had an absolute blast.

What do you guys think, is it just peekers advantage (my ping on us is like 80-100)? Or is it a difference in the player base? I really can't fathom what is happening here.

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Americans are just not good at competetive shooters as all they are pandered to are arcade like CoD, etc.

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I had the same experience playing SCUM. When i played on AMerican servers I wipe the floor with any opponent, but it could veryy much be a ping issue.

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I could totally make a joke about the prevalence of hacking....

Ping, luck, average player skill, cheating rate... I don't think there's a clear way to tell. The average European player may well be better than the average American player. Aren't violent games (Like EoT) generally more restricted in Europe than in the US? Might the playerbase be older?

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