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ERROR 101001

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i have been having this problem for a week now I there is enough space on my drive i just don't know  how to fix this, just need help  ( i have also attempted to download on another drive but the same message showed)

tarkov problem.PNG

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I have the same issue, please help us, it's been a week too

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Perhaps try completely removing the launcher and leftovers in %appdata% local + roaming and then re-install? 

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Just now installed the game and ran into this problem, but the solution was quick. The problem is that the temporary file loader is located on a disk with no space (in my case, it is drive C), just change it in the settings.

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I dont know so much english but  i will try to explain; This is how i fix it, delete space from the disk C and try again or uninstall the launcher from disk C, install the launcher in another disk with at least 19gb free, install the game. 

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