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Karma ideas: for bad karma players

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"I just wanted to say thank you battle state you guys are the literal best keep up the good work"- just put that there cuz you guys get to much hate from rude people and leave some thing for any one on the dev team who might read this you guys are amazing and are developing one of the best games out there even though this game is not finished it plays better then most AAA games out there on the market

( just want to point out im not a dev nor do i know anything about developing let alone makeing player models so i dont know if any of this is possiable or without it looking stupid )


Actual topic: That people with bad karma end up looking like something from "The Division"  the hunter guys how they kill "agents" in this case PMC's and people with bad karma would have static dog dogs on there player model whether that be on his arms, chest, leggs,  i think would be the easiest way of doing it 

but i think the difficult thing and would understand the reasons why you would not do it is the game would know your karma status and if its bad put the dog tags on your backpack, armor, rigs     so they can't be hiddin under armor and stuff

but even if u cant put it over the cloth the one thing that will be a dead give away would be  "jingling" whether that be piviting, leaning, runing , or even walking the dog tags would make audible noises for players to know immediately that thay are a PKer 

and once again thank battle state you guys fukin rock stay awesome



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The jingling actually would be nice so you dont get run up on by someone who will KOS you, i would also like to see bloodstains on their gear or a specific outfit to show they aren't to be trusted, ie.  blood on arms/pant legs, lighter color heavily stained jacket to easily identify at range

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