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Seal Team Six Recruiting


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Seal Team Six: is an Escape From Tarkov driven server, which was created with the idea of forming a community where players who are looking for a realistic tactical combat experience, as well as those who have experience with tactics in all areas of combat, can come together to take part in the greatest squad in history.
We use tactics adopted by many real life military/ SF units, taking part in missions varying from elimination of high value targets, all the way to hatching rescue missions.


We offer: 
- Help for players.
- A community of players looking for tactical PVP to group up with.
- Experienced tarkov players from all around the globe.
- Active admins willing to help at any time.
- Non toxic enviroment moderated in conjunction with the offical ETF discord servers.
- Tactics tutorials, I.E (CQB/ breaching and clearing, squad marksmanship, fire superiority, plus much more.)


Rules: Be respectful to everyone, and be a good person. Also please try to be a good team player. Must be mature.

Merits are handed out based on experience and willingness to learn and improve. If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact our admins. If you feel like joining our team, you can fill out an application directly in our discord server. Hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ycy4kPvb

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7 minutes ago, USECMaverick said:

Keep up the good work! ❤️ 

Thanks man. Hope all has been well with you guys.

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